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We are on a mission to elevate the status qou for Bitcoin Adoption, we think Bitcoin serves the better foundation for free internet and humanity. We are here to educate, inform.

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Understanding Bitcoin, for everyone.

The concept of Bitcoin, though seemingly complex, can be comprehended with some initial research. At the Subnet Bitcoin Alliance, our mission is to demystify this complexity and make Bitcoin accessible to 'everyone'. Our approach starts with the fundamentals and gradually progresses to more advanced and expert topics.

Our educational content is community-curated and undergoes peer review for validation. It's designed to adapt to individual preferences, letting users steer their learning journey. We also regularly update our material to stay current with the evolving crypto space.

Maintaining the quality of our content is one of our utmost priorities. We accomplish this by continually refining our materials, rearticulating use cases, and using easy-to-understand analogies to illustrate complex concepts. We believe that with our support, anyone can grasp the world of Bitcoin.

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Build something easy

Emphasizing the multifaceted potential of Bitcoin, we believe that it provides ample opportunities for development without the need for additional coins. Our educational approach focuses on showcasing how novel methods can be employed to create diverse use cases for Bitcoin. This includes hands-on experience with app development in the Bitcoin sphere.

We offer tailored training sessions for developers, aiming to familiarize them with essential libraries, understand various scenarios, and master key techniques. Our objective is not just to impart knowledge, but also to immerse them in the thriving world of open-source development. Through these on-demand sessions, we provide developers with the practical skills needed to explore the full potential of Bitcoin.

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Intellectual Property

For institutions and governments, it is vital to have a sound understanding and control over technological operations. We are committed to providing accurate and fair representation of open-source technology, especially Bitcoin, which is often mistakenly associated with money or tax evasion.

We collaborate with governments by offering workshops that lay out the fundamentals of Bitcoin. Contrary to some perceptions, Bitcoin is entirely open-source and immune to manipulation, unlike many other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin's robust security makes it an invaluable tool. By understanding and integrating this technology, governments can benefit significantly from the heightened security that Bitcoin provides. Our aim is to debunk misconceptions and highlight the true value and potential of Bitcoin to these entities.

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Operated by laws

Guided by progressive Legal Framework in India, and we operate under the regulations of Section 8 as a non-profit entity known as "Cynsar.Foundation". Our work is readily available and is licensed under open source. We strive for independence and apply the same principle to our work. If you're interested in getting to know us better, we invite you to learn more about the Cynsar Foundation.

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Open to Change

As a fledgling community, we are flexible and inclusive. Our objective is to encourage Bitcoin adoption among everyone who could potentially derive value from it. Based in India, our ambition extends to positively impact over a billion individuals, both directly and indirectly. If we can achieve this, it's akin to making a global difference.

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Unite with us and collaborate! If the Internet, freedom, and public commons resonate with your interests, this is the perfect space for you. Here, every contribution counts - whether you're a writer, a developer, a designer, or even a singer. If you can harmonize for Bitcoin, we will ensure your voice is heard. We'll find the perfect niche for your talents so that they can be recognized and appreciated.

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"I congrats CF and Subnet Alliance folks to dedicate time and efforts for providing knowledge and insights about Bitcoin and its application."
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Amit Kumar
"I have found out that Bitcoin is resilience in the current world economics, it makes the Bitcoin a censor resistant global money ."
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Johnson Chetty
"Over the period of time with the help of Subnet Alliance , I understood about Bitcoin"
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