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Core Values

Our guiding principle is simplicity, and as such, our charter mirrors this simplicity.

At the heart of our mission are the following core values:

  • Independence from Centralization: We advocate for decentralization, believing in the power of distributed networks.
  • Advancement of Global Economic Fairness: We strive to foster equity in the global economy.
  • Commitment to Transparency and Zero Trust Protocols: We champion open, transparent operations and the adoption of zero trust protocols.
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As we work towards the promotion of the Subnet Alliance, our resources and objectives are strategically aligned.

However, these goals might evolve over time. Presently, our key targets include:

  • Fostering widespread adoption of Bitcoin in India by ensuring inclusivity.
  • Collaborating with various entities including the government, individuals, and institutions.
  • Encouraging the use of Bitcoin as a security tool for governments to safeguard resources, rather than just a form of currency.
  • Educating various stakeholders about the benefits and use-cases of Bitcoin.
  • Supporting open-source development through grants for projects related to Bitcoin and its applications, such as Nostr, Second.Exchange, and Lightning.
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To achieve our goals, we require resources that encompass:

  • Partnerships and collaborations with entities related to Bitcoin applications.
  • Proficient understanding of the field and dedicated individuals keen on continuous learning and enhancement as technology advances.
  • Individuals outside the Bitcoin tech realm who possess a thorough understanding of Bitcoin.
  • A determined focus on addressing intriguing problems.
  • The capability to work with multiple stakeholders to build fruitful partnerships.
  • A primary emphasis on educating, informing, and raising awareness, rather than enforcing rules or mandates.
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Potential Challenges We May Face

With challenges come opportunities for insight and wisdom.

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As we work towards fostering Bitcoin adoption, we may come across the following obstacles:

  • Patience for Adoption: It takes time for new technology to be embraced widely. Not everyone may exhibit the patience needed for this slow transition.
  • Understanding Complex Issues: Grasping the workings of Bitcoin requires learning and understanding various complex problems.
  • Changing Economic Perspective: A shift in perspective is required to appreciate how Bitcoin can alter global economics.
  • Time and Engagement: Active participation is needed to truly understand how things work in this domain. Not everyone has the time for such engagement.
  • Environmental Impact Debate: The argument that Proof of Work (PoW) is detrimental to the environment.
  • Misinformation: Misleading arguments against Bitcoin propagated by bad actors.
  • Push for Alternate Coins: The promotion of other non-speculative coins can create confusion as people are often attracted to the prospect of becoming wealthy quickly.
  • Cryptography Complexity: Cryptography, a core aspect of Bitcoin, is complex and may require specialized knowledge to understand.
  • Emphasis on Criticism Over Solutions: A tendency to focus on problems or complaints rather than working towards solutions.

Thus, there exists a category of challenges that, when approached from a different perspective, can be transformed into benefits. Take, for instance, the often-cited issue of Bitcoin's transaction speed. Yes, Bitcoin transactions can be slow, but this isn't necessarily a drawback. In fact, it's a byproduct of Bitcoin's robust security measures.

In the world of digital transactions, speed and security often have an inverse relationship. Bitcoin prioritizes security over speed, ensuring that each transaction is thoroughly verified to prevent fraud and protect the integrity of the network. Therefore, while Bitcoin may seem "slow" in terms of transaction speed, this slower pace serves a critical purpose in maintaining the network's overall safety and reliability.

Understanding such nuances can change the way we perceive these 'problems', turning them into unique advantages instead.

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Our charter encapsulates our Goals, Values, Resources, and Potential Hurdles. We continuously adapt these components to stay in step with the evolving dynamics of technology and its societal impact. We believe in the power of flexibility and change, thus our charter is open for modification. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or proposed changes, we invite you to submit them on the CF Github page. CF_GITHUB

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